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lightbulbKutools for Outlook 9.00 – Release Notes

3 years 11 months ago - 3 years 11 months ago #391 by qiuhongkun
Kutools for Outlook 9.00 – Release Notes was created by qiuhongkun
Kutools for Outlook 9.00 – Release Notes

Good news! Kutools for Outlook 9.00 is released with new features and excellent improvements. You can upgrade to or have a free trial of this version by downloading from Free download Kutools for Outlook - handy Outlook add-ins collection . Tip: full function & feature, free trail in 45 days!

New Features
1. Attachment Manager – List and manage all attachments
1.1 List all attachments from all mail folders in all email accounts;
1.2 Quickly save, detach, delete or compress the selected attachments or all attachments;
1.3 Easily rename an attachment in the Attachment Manager;

2. Duplicate Contacts – easily merge or delete duplicate contacts
The powerful Duplicate Contacts feature is able to merge or delete all duplicate contacts based on specified contact fields from the selected contacts folders. See screenshot:

3. Batch add contacts from multiple selected emails
The Add from Message feature can quickly export contacts from multiple selected emails and saved them into the specified contact folder in a batch job. See screenshot:

1. Reply multiple messages
1.1 Supports to create an HTML template to reply multiple selected emails;
1.2 Only several clicks to reply multiple selected emails with a customized template. See screenshot:

2. Save as File
Supports to save multiple selected emails as individual HTML / Txt / PDF / CSV / Word / Excel files in a batch job. See screenshot:

3. Attachment Options
Adds more options for saving, detaching, and compressing attachments in Outlook. See screenshot:
(1) Adds options to deal with duplicate attachments when saving, detaching, and compressing attachments;
(2) Supports to deal with attachments only in filtered out folders;
(3) Supports to save attachments into subfolders which named with specified folder structure;
(4) Adds options to change attachment extension when compressing;
(5) Supports to set exclusion criteria for attachments when compressing.

4. Adjust feature layout on the Kutools tab, and improve some icons.

1. Embedded images can’t be recognized correctly when saving / detaching / deleting attachments.
2. Some minor bugs.
Last edit: 3 years 11 months ago by qiuhongkun.

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