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  Anonymous User
  Wednesday, October 04, 2023
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Hello Office Tab Team,

This amazing tool brings us very much convenience because Microsoft has not supported this officially. I just wonder why an important function/feature has not yet been implemented: open the tabs that were open last time. This is extremely useful in may scenarios. For example, oftentimes we need to close all tabs, and the reasons could be system restart, system crash, some operation mistake, etc. Imagine we already open 20 ~ 30 tabs that are located in different places in our hard drive, and we have to reopen all of them after a system restart that often happens to a company laptop. Without this requested feature, we have to look for each of the closed files manually and spend a lot of time on this.

Some software already implemented this feature many years ago. One example is PDF-XChange Viewer. I'm using its free version (Version 2.5) that was released on Dec 13 2018. If you open its "Edit->Preferences", you will notice a checkbox "Restore Last Session when application starts" that implemented the function I requested here. Another checkbox is "Maximum of Documents in Recents" that specifies how many recent files you want to save ("File->Recent Files" shows the recent opened files).

I strongly suggest that the Office Tab implement this feature, which will definitely add much value to this product! Without this feature, it is really hard for me to make the decision on purchasing it.

Best regards
8 months ago
Hi there,

Thanks for your valuable feedback! Rest assured that I've already forwarded your request to our development team for potential inclusion in a future release. We appreciate your feedback and thank you for using our product!

We'll definitely take that into consideration for future updates. Let us know if you have any other suggestions or feedback in the future!

Best regards,
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